Dr. Grossman welcomes/is seeking/is begging for gallery interest. Act now and he'll probably be willing to wash your car. Or eat a bug. Whatever you want. Really. Just ask.

Shortly after Lee Grossman's photograph was selected photo of the month, CameraArts.com went out of business. Immediately after Color magazine published two of his photos, Color folded. Dr. Grossman insists these events are coincidences.

His work has been published many times in Black & White magazine, and for several years it has been included in Photographer's Forum's annual Best of Photography without those publications suffering any ill effects whatsoever (so far). He has won recognition in national and international juried exhibitions in sites ranging from the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art and the Los Gatos Art Museum to the World Photography Gala Awards, in spite of which those venues continue to thrive (at last report). His meteoric rise to prominence hasn't happened yet, but he is very patient. He is not giving up his day job as a psychoanalyst in private practice in Menlo Park, California.