When people hear that I am a photographer, they often ask what I take pictures of. I am a little embarrassed to say that I am always stumped by that question. I keep hoping someone will look at my work and tell me. Here is what I have come up with so far:


Art, psychoanalysis and humor – three of my major interests – all involve seeing the ordinary in new and unexpected ways. In this sense all art is accidental and all art is found art. From a psychoanalytic perspective, that is just a way of saying that in art as in everything else, unconscious processes trump conscious intention. Stephen King put it nicely: “So-called higher thought is, by and large, highly overrated. When trouble comes and steps have to be taken, I find it’s generally better to just stand aside and let the boys in the basement do their work.” I try to see the mysterious in the mundane, the way a child sees. I am intrigued by the underground, the inner workings, and the world behind the closed door, as well as the doors and fences and barriers that keep me apart from something I want. The same interests led me to become a psychoanalyst. I am lucky to be able to do both.